Figure 2.

Effects of BAY11 on pDC survival and maturation. 10-9 M to 3 × 10-7 M of BAY11 does not affect viability or maturation of pDCs. Human pDCs were preincubated for 15 minutes with different concentrations of BAY11 (10-9, 3 × 10-9, 10-8, 3 × 10-8, 10-7, 3 × 10-7, 10-6, 3 × 10-6 ,10-5 M) or vehicle. CpG 2216 or loxo were then added to the pDC cultures. After 24 h, viable cells were measured by a trypan-blue exclusion test (A) and PI staining (B), and CD86 expression on pDCs was analyzed by flow cytometry (C). Percentages of PI-positive cells are indicated in B. Numbers in the histograms (C) indicate the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI), which is calculated by the subtraction of MFI with the isotype control from that with CD86 mAb. Similar results were observed in three independent donors and the results of a representative experiment are shown.

Miyamoto et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2010 12:R87   doi:10.1186/ar3014
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