Figure 1.

Increased cell surface S100A8/A9 in patients with active disease compared with inactive disease and healthy controls. The cell surface S100A8/A9 was determined by flow cytometry on A) CD14++CD16+, B) CD14++CD16-, C) CD3+, D) CD19+, E) CD16+ PMNs, F) BDCA-1+ and G) BDCA-2+ cells. The expression is defined as the mean fluorescence index (MFI) ratio between the S100A8/A9 antibody and its control isotype antibody in each experiment. The line represents the median-value. Active disease was defined as SLEDAI > 4 (SLE active).

Lood et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2011 13:R60   doi:10.1186/ar3314
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