Figure 1.

Robust inflammation in the fore- and hindpaws of arthritic IIJ mice. (A) and (B) Forepaws and (C) and (D) hindpaws of (B) and (D) arthritic (AR) and (A) and (C) nonarthritic (NAR) IIJ littermates. Mice were > 16 weeks old. (E) through (J) H & E-stained sectionsof formalin-fixed and decalcified paws. (E) through (G) Hindpaws (total magnification, ×40). (E) NAR littermate. (F) 46-day-old AR mouse 7 days after onset. (G) 141-day-old AR mouse 103 days after onset. (H) through (J) Forepaws (total magnification, ×100). (H) NAR littermate. (I) 58-day-old AR mouse 26 days after onset. (J) 261-day-old AR mouse 233 days after onset. Histological studies are representative of samples taken from nine AR and seven NAR littermates.

Adipue et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2011 13:R114   doi:10.1186/ar3399
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