Figure 2.

Cellular trafficking responses exacerbated in the iris by IFN╬│ deficiency areabrogated by IL-17A blockade. (A) Weekly i.p. injections of anti-IL-17A blocking antibody or isotype-matched control antibody (IC) were administered into PG-immunized GKO/TCR-Tg mice. Adjuvant-immunized control mice were also administered the anti-IL-17A blocking antibody and IC. The leukocyte trafficking response within the iris was assessed by intravital microscopy at three weeks following PG-immunization. ** P < 0.001, *** P < 0.0001 comparison between treatments: anti-IL-17 and IC antibodies (n = 8 mice/adjuvant groups and n = 12 mice/PG-immunized groups). (B) Representative images captured by intravital videomicroscopy demonstrate the increased leukocyte infiltration within the iris tissue of PG-immunized, IC control mice, which is completely blocked by anti-IL-17A treatment.

Kezic et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012 14:R18   doi:10.1186/ar3697
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