Figure 1.

Analysis summary for a typical TaqMan® Fc gamma receptor 3B copy number assay plate. Analysis summary for a typical TaqMan® Fc gamma receptor 3B (FCGR3B) gene copy number (CN) assay plate with one, two, three, and four CN samples using CpD1 quantitation point (Cq) estimates. (A) Bar chart output from the CopyCaller™ analysis software demonstrating that the continuous estimated CN ratios for each sample form distinct clusters with values that are very close to integer values. Three reference samples are included on the plate. The 3CN reference sample is second from the left, and the 1CN and 2CN reference samples are the second last and last (right), respectively. The overall estimate of the standard deviation for replicate ΔCq values for this plate was 0.07. (B) Scatter plot of the ΔCq values versus the (natural) log of the assigned CN. The straight line represents the fitted regression line and the dotted lines represent the 95% prediction intervals for the regression. The intercept term for the regression analysis may vary between plates due to small differences in the pipetting of reagents. CN assignment must therefore be performed on an individual plate basis.

Graf et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012 14:R28   doi:10.1186/ar3731
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