Table 1

Various definitions of remission in RA used in this study

Definition remission

Threshold of sum variables


0.56*√(TJC28) + 0.28*√(SJC28) + 0.36*ln(CRP+1) + 0.014*GH + 0.96

< 2.6


TJC28 + SJC28 + CRP + PTglobal + MDglobal



TJC28 + SJC28 + PTglobal + MDglobal



TJC28* ≤1 & SJC28* ≤1 & CRP ≤1 & PTglobal ≤1


TJC28, 28 tender-joint count; SJC28, 28 swollen-joint count; CRP, C-reactive protein (mg/L DAS28-CRP4 and mg/dl other definitions); GH, General Health on a 0- to 100-mm Visual Analogue Scale (VAS); PTglobal, patient's global assessment on a 0- to 10-cm VAS;

MDglobal, physician's global assessment on a 0- to 10-cm VAS. *The ACR/EULAR definition prefers the inclusion of feet and ankles for the evaluation of remission, but use of the 28-joint count is allowed because the overall impact due to reduced joint count was found to be small.

Prince et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012 14:R68   doi:10.1186/ar3785

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