Figure 2.

Disease activity according to carriage of GR polymorphisms. (A) Disease activity in carriers of 9β (n = 29) versus noncarriers (n = 61) in patients not using glucocorticoids (GCs) (left panel). Of patients using GCs, 19 were carriers of the 9β polymorphism, and 37 were noncarriers (right panel). In one patient, the 9β-genotype could not be determined. (B) Disease activity in carriers of BclI (n = 55) versus noncarriers (n = 34) in patients not using GCs (left panel). In one patient, the BclI-genotype could not be determined. Of patients using GCs, 29 were carriers of the BclI polymorphism, and 28 were WT carriers (right panel). (C) Disease activity in carriers of polymorphisms conferring increased GC sensitivity (n = 44; GC-S group) versus patients carrying polymorphisms conferring decreased GC sensitivity (n = 15; GC-I group) not using GC (left panel). Of patients using GC, 24 were in the GC-S group, and 13, in the GC-I group (right panel). Disease activity is presented as DAS28 ± SEM.

Quax et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012 14:R183   doi:10.1186/ar4014
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