Figure 4.

Stradomers effectively prevent ITP. (A) Mice were pretreated with IgG2a Fc, 2A-2HC, or IVIG on day 1 before platelet depletion with MWReg30. Day 2 platelet counts before MWReg30 administration were considered baseline (100%) (*Significant with Bonferroni correction for the four comparisons indicated; n = 11 to 12 per group pooled from two separate experiments). (B) 2A-2HC was fractionated into homodimer-enriched (fraction III) and multimer-enriched (fraction I) fractions and tested in the ITP model (*significant with Bonferroni correction for the six comparisons indicated; n = 12 to 18 per group pooled from three experiments, two testing unfractionated 2A-2HC, fraction I, and fraction III, and one testing only unfractionated 2A-2Hc and fraction I). (C) The different stradomers were directly compared in the ITP model. (n = 11 to 12 mice per group, pooled from two separate experiments. *Significant with Bonferroni correction).

Jain et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012 14:R192   doi:10.1186/ar4024
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