Figure 1.

CIA disease course in B10.Q and B10.DR4.Ncf1*/* mice*. Experimental animals were immunized with 100 μ g rCII in CFA (day 0) and three weeks later received a booster injection of 50 μ g rCII in IFA (day 21 postimmunization). CIA severity and incidence were evaluated two to three times weekly until the end of experiment (day 65 postimmunization). (A) Mean arthritis score in B10.Q (n = 10) and B10.DR4.Ncf1*/* mice (n = 7). Data are presented as mean ± SE and include both arthritic and healthy animals. (B) CIA incidence in B10.Q and B10.DR4.Ncf1*/* mice. * Data represent CIA assessment only in mice examined until the end of experiment. CIA data from mice killed for in vitro T cell assays are included in Table 1. CIA, collagen-induced arthritis; IFA, incomplete Freund's adjuvant; rCII, rat collagen type II.

Batsalova et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012 14:R237   doi:10.1186/ar4080
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