This article is part of the supplement: Lupus 2012: New targets, new approaches

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MicroRNA-3148 modulates differential gene expression of the SLE-associated TLR7 variant

Y Deng, J Zhao, D Sakurai, KM Kaufman, JC Edberg, RP Kimberly, DL Kamen, GS Gilkeson, CO Jacob, RH Scofield, CD Langefeld, JA Kelly, ME Alarcón-Riquelme, BIOLUPUS and GENLES Networks, JB Harley, TJ Vyse, BI Freedman, PM Gaffney, KM Sivils, JA James, TB Niewold, RM Cantor, W Chen, BH Hahn, EE Brown, PROFILE and BP Tsao*

  • * Corresponding author: BP Tsao

Arthritis Research & Therapy 2012, 14(Suppl 3):A5  doi:10.1186/ar3939

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