Figure 4.

MiR-125b suppresses ADAMTS-4 protein in OA chondrocytes. (A) Increased production of ADAMTS-4 protein 24 hours after IL-1β treatment. (B) Osteoarthritic (OA) chondrocytes transfected with miR-125b or negative control incubated with or without IL-1β for 24 hours. (C) Bar graphs represent the average-fold increase ± SD in pixel intensity of bands representing ADAMTS-4 normalized to β actin, obtained from five separate western blot analyses for each cell condition. * = P <0.05 as measured using an unpaired Student's t test. ADAMTS-4, aggrecanase-1; IL-1 β, interleukin-1 beta; SD, standard deviation.

Matsukawa et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013 15:R28   doi:10.1186/ar4164
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