Figure 2.

Treatment schedule and regulatory T cell (Treg) purification. (A) (NZBxNZW) F1 mice with active disease received 10 µg/g body weight of prednisolone (GC) intravenously at day -10 followed by daily intravenous injections of either 20 or 30 µg/g body weight of CTX for the duration of 5 days. Another 5 days later, CD4+Foxp3+CD25+ Treg were purified from the lymphoid organs of young (NZBxNZW) F1 mice, cultured for 4 h in the presence of 40 ng/ml of rIL-2 and either 0.5 × 106 or 1.5 × 106 Treg were adoptively transferred by intravenous injection at day 0. Control mice were equally treated with GC/CTX and received PBS instead of Treg. Blood samples and plasma were collected at the indicated time points. (B) Representative dot plots show the expression of Foxp3 and CD25 of CD4+CD25+ sorted donor Treg briefly after the sorting procedure (left, post sort) and just before the adoptive cell transfer (right, pre-transfer).

Weigert et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013 15:R35   doi:10.1186/ar4188
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