Figure 2.

Voxel-wise differences in functional neural network activations during functional magnetic resonance imaging. Differences in neuronal network activation between participants with neurocognitive dysfunction (NCD) (NCD-group; n = 7) and participants without NCD (noNCD-group; n = 14) are depicted. The clusters shown reflect differences between groups of participants at an uncorrected P-value < 0.005 and cluster size threshold of 40 voxels. Neurological convention of image orientation is used. (A) Clusters in which the noNCD-group activated more strongly than the NCD-group for the N-Back working memory paradigm. (B) Continuous performance task-identical pairs (CPT-IP) (attention) displays clusters with the NCD-group activating more strongly than the no-NCD-group. Visuoconstructional ability (VCA) task differential activations with the noNCD-group showing more activation than the NCD-group for (C) the square completion (SC) vs. motor and (D) the matching vs. motor contrasts.

DiFrancesco et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013 15:R40   doi:10.1186/ar4197
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