Figure 4.

Expression of CD148 is upregulated in two mouse models of arthritis. Expression of CD148 is associated with T cells and macrophages. Two-colour immunofluorescence of CD148 with T cell marker CD3 (A-C) or macrophage marker F4/80 (D-F) in control unaffected animals, KRN arthritic and CIA arthritic mouse joints. CD3 or F4/80 (red), CD148 (blue), nuclei (grey). Co-expression appears as magenta. For each set of colours an example of a control, KRN and CIA joint is shown. The bone-synovial interface is marked with a white line for clarity. The images in this figure are representative of two experiments. All images are at the same magnification, scale bar is 50 μm. CIA, collagen-induced arthritis.

Dave et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013 15:R108   doi:10.1186/ar4288
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