Figure 1.

Accumulation of collagen in experimental dermal fibrosis is prevented by propylthiouracil administration. Dermal thickness was determined by using photomicrographs of Masson-stained sections, by measuring the distance between the epidermal-dermal junction and the dermal-fat junction at 10 randomly selected sites/high-power field (HPF), for 10 HPFs per section. Skin fibrosis was induced in mice by subcutaneous injection of HOCl. The resultant increase in dermal thickness was significantly reduced by subcutaneous injection of propylthiouracil. Representative Masson trichrome-stained sections were examined with light microscopy: (A) Normal histology of a representative skin tissue obtained from a Sham mouse; (B) Representative histology of skin tissue of HOCl mice; (C) Representative histology of skin tissue of HOCl + PTU mouse (original magnification,×10.); (D) Dermal thickness in mice from the three experimental groups (Sham group, n = 5; HOCl group, n = 10; HOCl + PTU group, n = 10). Values are expressed as the mean and SD. *P < 0.001 versus Sham #P < 0.001 versus HOCl.

Bagnato et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013 15:R120   doi:10.1186/ar4300
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