Additional file 7: Figure S6.

TLR ligands induce IL-29 expression in RA-FLS. MH7A cells or primary RA-FLS were stimulated with PGN (2.5 μg/ml), poly I:C (25 μg/ml) or LPS (100 ng/ml) alone for 24 h. The total cellular RNA was isolated for cDNA synthesis and real time PCR was performed to determine the relative expression of IL-29 mRNA (A & C). The values were normalized against GAPDH mRNA and relative gene expression was determined by the 2-∆∆ct method. The data show representative of one out three independent experiments. The error bars represent mean ± SD for triplicate wells. (B & D) Cell culture supernatants were harvested and analyzed by ELISA kits. The data represent the mean ± SD of 3 separate experiments. *p < 0.05 versus medium control.

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Xu et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013 15:R170   doi:10.1186/ar4357