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The integration of functional genomics, combinatorial chemistry and nanotechnology into a miniaturized drug discovery process

M Auer

  • Correspondence: M Auer

Author Affiliations

Novartis Forschungsinstitut GmbH, Dermatology, Fluorescence based HTS-Technology Program, Vienna, Austria

Arthritis Res 2001, 3(Suppl A):L005-A42  doi:10.1186/ar153

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Received:15 January 2001
Published:26 January 2001

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Meeting abstract

Future concepts in miniaturized HTScreening technologies will concentrate on making optimal use of the two emerging technologies, combinatorial chemistry and functional genomics. To effectively exploit compounds from highly-parallel combinatorial synthesis and the high number of new target proteins from functional genomics, Novartis and Evotec BioSystems developed the CONA-BSP (confocal nanoscanning - bead scanning picking technology) as a novel high throughput - low hit-rate HTS process. In combination with the Novartis proprietary AIDA-Technology, quantitative on-bead confocal fluorescence screening can be combined with off-bead confirmation via a series of fluorescence techniques such as fluorescence anisotropy, or rotational correlation time applied to equilibrium binding studies.

Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and confocal nanoscanning/AIDA technology provide an optimal combination for a miniaturized automated uHTS process with high mechanistic resolution in functional and coupled assay systems.


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