Table 1

Summary of the main points of the tendon vasculature in repair and pathology



Tendon grafts

Neovascularisation is essential for long term survival of graft

Potential model for study of neovascularisation in tendon injury and pathology

Acute injury

Lack of knowledge of timing and control of the vascular response

Increased vascularity at tendon stump following resection

Initial vascular response is profuse and haphazard

Diminution of blood supply results in impairment of repair process

Chronic tendinopathy

Increased vascularity is associated with chronic (painful) tendon lesions

Hypervascularity is apparently not associated with signs of attempted repair

Hypervascularity may be a contributory factor to pain and chronicity of tendon lesions

Spontaneous tendon rupture

Degeneration occurs before rupture without preceding clinical symptoms

There is usually no evidence of a vascular response

Absence of blood vessels is responsible for absence of pain and symptoms

Fenwick et al. Arthritis Res 2002 4:252-260   doi:10.1186/ar416