Figure 2.

CD134+ T cells recognize the disease-associated mycobacterial epitope early in adjuvant arthritis. Popliteal lymph nodes, inguinal lymph nodes, and spleens were isolated from n = 13 rats at day 10 after immunization with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mt). The organs were pooled by organ type, and single-cell suspensions were stained for CD4 and CD134. The cells were sorted into CD4+ (white bars), CD4+CD134- (hatched bars), and CD4+CD134+ (black bars) fractions. Proliferative responses to 20 μg/ml Mt HSP60176–190 (in which HSP60 stands for heat shock protein 60) were tested in a [3H]thymidine incorporation assay. As a control, the proliferation in response to 20 μg/ml Mt HSP60211–225 (not related to disease) was tested. Results are expressed as the mean SI of triplicate wells. The cut-off value for proliferation was set at SI = 2 (indicated by the horizontal line). Shown is one representative experiment of three.

Boot et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2005 7:R604-R615   doi:10.1186/ar1722
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