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Peptide mimetics of anti-dsDNA idiotypes as a tool for lupus-specific IVIG preparation: specificity and efficacy in the treatment of experimental systemic lupus erythematosus

M Blank1, I Nur2, R Meidler2, L Bar2, L Slutzki1 and Y Shoenfeld1

Author Affiliations

1 The Center for Autoimmune Diseases, Department of Medicine 'B', Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel

2 OMRIX Biopharmaceuticls Inc., Nes-Ziona, Israel

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Arthritis Research & Therapy 2005, 7(Suppl 1):P10  doi:10.1186/ar1531

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Received:11 January 2005
Published:17 February 2005

© 2005 BioMed Central Ltd


Since the idiotypic network is an important mechanism for controlling the immune repertoire, we tested anti-idiotypic modulation employing concentrated specific natural polyclonal anti-dsDNA anti-idiotypic antibodies obtained from a commercial IVIG in the treatment of experimental systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).


To address the specificity and efficacy of affinity purified IVIG, affinity purified on peptide mimetics of anti-dsDNA idiotypes, in vitro and in vivo, as treatment for experimental lupus.

Materials and methods

Specific natural polyclonal anti-dsDNA anti-idiotypic antibodies were affinity purified from IVIG (OMRIX Biopharmaceuticls Inc., Nes-Ziona, Israel) on an anti-dsDNA-Sepharose column constructed with anti-dsDNA idiotypes affinity purified from 55 patients with SLE. This compound improved the clinical manifestations of NZBXWXF1 mice in 200 times lower concentration than IVIG. This lupus-specific IVIG was introduced to a peptide phage display library (C-7mer-C). The identified synthetic peptides (idiotype mimetics) were synthesized and used to replace the human anti-dsDNA idiotypes column. IVIG affinity purified on the synthetic peptides columns were determined as peptide-specific IVIG (psIVIG). The psIVIG compound was tested for specificity by ELISA and competition assays.


Each psIVIG inhibited the binding of anti-dsDNA antibodies from 12 lupus patients, to dsDNA, differentially by 15% up to 46% or as a mix up to 87–94%. Naïve mice immunized with a branched peptide composed of the synthetic mimetics of anti-dsDNA idiotypes induced the generation of elevated titers of anti-dsDNA. The anti-dsDNA generation was inhibited in the branced peptide immunized mice, following treatment with psIVIG. A cocktail of psIVIG was introduced to NZBxWxF1. The following clinical parameters were improved in the NZBxWxF1 psIVIG subjected mice: circulating anti-dsDNA antibodies, leukopenia, proteinuria and immunoglobulin deposits in the kidneys.


We introduce herein an IVIG subfraction, specific for anti-dsDNA treatment for lupus patients, and discuss its efficacy and beneficial effect in suppression of humoral and clinical signs of SLE versus regular IVIG.